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(To Print Flyer above, right click on flyer in your IE browser then click "Print Picture")

Above is a Brand New Custom made Flyer!

I put together a Complete Ready To Go Mail Order Print & Mail Business that Includes
a $10.00 ~ 50% Commission.

The Instructions are easy and are printed on the back of your Camera/Ready Copy!

  When you receive orders for this Fantastic Money Maker,
  1. YOU KEEP $10.00
  2. Send the Prime Source the other $10.00 cash
  3. Send the original Flyer that has your customer's name and address on it
  4. Send the customer's Flyer they want Printed and Mailed to 1,000
  5. Send the 2 f/c stamps included with the order.

  This Flyer offers the dealer a - 50% Dealership that pays them $10.00 on each sale.

  Dealers pay only $10.00 for all their Own PERSONAL Print & Mail Orders THEREAFTER.

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