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Send your C/R 8.5x11 ads flat with $20 cash per ad for 1 Full Year.

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Publisher is not Responsible for your dealings with Advertisers. It is said most people move every ten years. That means some ads may be unreachable. If you get a "moved", "deseased", "Out of Business" etc. or can not reach an Advertiser for any reason - please inform me and I will delete the ad.

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Posted 9/21/2013
YOUR Very Own Business Webpage

Your 10 Flyers are Posted Online for 1 Full Year for $20 for your first year and $10 for each Future 10 flyers! You will receive your very own Webpage that you can add flyers to as you get new Flyers. After your 1st 10 flyers are on your webpage each additional 10 flyers sent at the same time is just $10 for all 10 flyers. It is $3.00 for each one sided flyer that is added to your webpage if you don't send a total of 10 flyers.

Your webpage Url is mailed to you so you can send people to your very own webpage to view all your offers you add to your webpage.

Posted 11/8/2021
Thomas Abraham's Opportunities

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